Mash Tun Progress

On Friday my order of CPVC pipes and fittings arrived, so on Saturday I spent some time working on the mash tun project. I’ve got the lauter manifold mostly done now, and building the sparge manifold will go quicker now that I know what I’m doing a little better. I still have to figure out how the outflow will work, and that’s going to mean actually modifying the cooler itself, so I figure I’m about a third done overall.

Pictures of the manifold assembly process after the jump.

the cooler
This is the cooler I’m using.

These are the CPVC pipes.

manifold loosely assembled
This is the manifold, after cutting the pipe segments to size and assembling them, but before cementing.

manifold half cemented
I cemented the fittings and short pipe segments for the ends of the manifold together with the long segments in place, to make sure everything lined up, but didn’t cement the long segments.

manifold ends cemented
Except for that one, by accident. Oops.

manifold mostly done
And here’s the whole thing assembled. I’ve only cut the slots in one pipe so far (turns out it’s rather time consuming and tedious, hacksawing away down the length of the pipe), but I feel good about how this came out, and I have most of the pieces already cut to length for making the sparging manifold.


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