2007-08 Presidential Campaign

It might have seemed from my earlier post “The Problem of ‘Hillary'” that I was a supporter of Senator Clinton for the Democratic nomination. In fact, she was probably my least preferred of the broader field before candidates started dropping out, but I see no contradiction in disagreeing with her policy positions yet finding it repulsive that she’s the target of such egregious misogyny in the media.

I was a strong Edwards supporter until he announced his withdrawal from the race. Now that the Democratic field has narrowed to two, I’ve been struggling with the decision in front of me. There are good reasons to support Clinton, and good reasons as well to support Obama; conversely, there are good reasons to be wary of each of them, especially for a moderate liberal like me.

Many other blogs have been all over the problems with each candidate, so for the moment I’m not going to discuss them at length.  A week ago, in the Massachusetts primary, after a great deal of thought, I voted for Obama, but I’ll be happy to contribute to, vote for, and perhaps volunteer for either Obama or Clinton in the general election.  I think despite their respective failings, either one would be a good president, and each represents important progress toward dismantling some of the biases which are significant problems in our society.

I also think that either Clinton or Obama can win pretty handily in the general election, though they’ll have a tougher time against John McCain, who now seems the likely Republican nominee, either than I think Edwards would have, or than I think they would have against (for example) Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani.


One comment

  1. DEBATE? She backed out of one on MSNBC
    Let me see if I understand this:the Clinton camp is essentially ignoring the Wisconsin primary in favor of Texas,but wants to gain points for a non-inexistent debate in Wisconsin?
    Hill win, we all lose…..I do not like her brand of old mudslinging politics and dragging others down in the mud with her…..she sure plays dirty when she is not crying about something to get votes…..
    Clinton refused to debate in NY when she was running for Sen., but I guess that’s ok since no rules seem to apply to her (i.e. Michigan and Fla., not debating, etc.) She just wants free TV time because her campaign’s in trouble. How can she run the country when she can’t even run a campaign? Barack has already proven by his campaign alone that he can bring people together. The people’s voices are being heard and not the voices of Clinton’s special interest groups and lobbyists. Go Barack!!!
    35 years….Experience yada yada,…..but tell me this. If Hillary is such a master politician please explain how she ran a simple election campaign 5 million dollars in the red?? Put everything else aside then answer that without the hate.
    For the record, I used to be a Clinton supporter.

    [I’m allowing this comment, because it’s not spam or otherwise abusive, and thank you for contributing — I do appreciate that. But I don’t think this kind of vitriol is helpful, and I encourage you to remember that the real fight is in November. –Ed.]

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