A Troubling Development, Part IV

There was an article in the Watertown TAB & Press on Friday about the proposed Watertown Grove development.  Apparently, there was a Planning Board meeting last Wednesday, the 13th, at which the vote on the project was put off to March 12th.  The TAB describes the project as “condos” a couple of times, and says it was originally to contain 180 units, while at the neighborhood meeting I attended, the Hanover representatives were at pains to stress that these would be apartments, not condos, though a few years after opening they might sell it to another company, which might convert them to condos; and the plans I saw called for 182 units.

According to the TAB that’s down to 174 now, which is a bit of an improvement, but it seems to me the difference in traffic impact between that and 182 units is going to be minimal; the building is still four stories tall, so it seems to me that this small reduction in size also does little to answer concerns about it blocking the light and the view.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is having a public hearing on the plans for the site on the 27th of this month, so I’ll try to make it to that.  I’ve been continuing to find it difficult to find much information on the whole process, so I think I should probably look into subscriptions to the paper editions of the TAB and the Daily News Tribune.



  1. Hi Scott, this is Chris Helms, editor of the TAB. Thanks for the sharp eyes re apartments vs. condos. I’ve changed the headline and text of the story. Oh, and while I’m not discouraging you from getting a print edition subscription, we do post all our news online. Our blog is pretty active too, and we’ve posted about the Aggregate site a coupla times there.

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