The Two Nine

Via my highly scientific method of seeing how many of which signs are most visible on the parts of my morning commute that goes through Watertown, I conclude that currently, Jon Hecht is pretty far ahead, with Julia Fahey a good ways behind and Steve Corbett close after her.  Haven’t seen a single sign for Josh Weisbuch, but at least his website has more on it than his initial candidacy announcement, now.

The TAB has been reporting on the race quite a bit, of course.  They’re doing a series of candidate profiles, which I think is great, and the other day Chris Helms announced on their blog that there’ll be two more debates, September 8th and 9th.  That’s very good news, and I look forward to hearing more from the candidates then.

There also seems to be some controversy between Hecht, who serves on the Town Council, and Town Council President Clyde Younger over the accuracy of some of the claims in Hecht’s campaign materials.  The TAB’s readerships seems to tend mostly to doubt Younger’s word and motivation, but I don’t know much about the history involved.

Hecht and Fahey are, I think, still closest to getting my vote.


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