Further Two-Ninery

The Massachusetts Democratic primary is a week from tomorrow, so in nine days we’ll know who will be taking Rachel Kaprielian’s seat in the State House representing the 29th Middlesex.

The TAB has been running a series of candidate profiles and interviews (Stephen Corbett, Julia Fahey, Josh Weisbuch, Jon Hecht), which I haven’t had time to watch yet, but will try to today; tonight at 7pm is the second of three candidate forums, this one at Brigham House on Mt. Auburn St.

My impressions so far are that Hecht is probably going to win; he’s certainly winning the sign war in the parts of Watertown that I see, and he seems the most organized.  If he didn’t have a website and hadn’t been at the first forum, I wouldn’t have any idea Weisbuch was even running — he still doesn’t appear to have any signs up, and I don’t think I’ve seen any announcements at all from him in the TAB.  Fahey has a lot of labor endorsements, which makes sense, and Hecht has a lot of endorsements in general.  I’m still uncommitted going into tonight’s debate, but still leaning toward Hecht and Fahey.


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