Hecht and Devaney win

Looks like Jon Hecht has won Rachel Kaprielian’s old State Rep seat by a 800-vote margin or so (this was the primary, but there’s no Republican challenger).  I expected him to win, but I thought the numbers would be closer; I didn’t expect him to clear a majority, but he got 55% of the vote.  Marilyn Devaney has also successfully defended her 3rd District Governor’s Council seat against two challengers, with 54% of the vote across the district.  Congratulations to both of them, and especially to Hecht for getting such turnout in a write-in campaign.  I agree with sco that Hecht is likely to be a very good Rep.



  1. Well, it took me quite a while to decide, honestly. I liked Fahey, and I think she would have done a good job also, but ultimately I was more convinced that Hecht can be most effective in the job. I also agree more with Hecht on casinos (which seemed to be just about the only point on which he and Fahey really disagree). I liked Josh Weisbuch a lot on a personal level, and agreed with him on most issues as well, but he didn’t really seem prepared for the job, and I think his vote tally sort of bears that out. Steve Corbett also seems like a good guy in general, but he was the most centrist, I think, of the four, and I prefer to push for more progressive candidates especially at the local and state levels, where they can actually get elected and make a difference; I also thought that he took a couple of uncalled-for digs at Fahey in the last debate.

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