Go, Read.

Charley is exactly right:

There simply must be prosecutions. It’s not enough to imagine that we can restore the Constitution by popular vote, by just electing people of better morals, of more restraint, of greater reverence for the law and human history. Because “good people” come and go. You don’t always get the people you need in positions of power. The law itself must be affirmed, and those who intentionally and flagrantly abused its practice — for the purpose of abusing humans — must be punished.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, someone asked Ben Franklin whether we had a monarchy or a republic. “A republic — if you can keep it,” replied Franklin. The lesson is that the Constitution is not magic, not an all-seeing eye, not a god that imperceptibly guides the machine of state. It depends on people of good faith and forbearance to keep it.

High-level Bush administration officials must be prosecuted.  Bush and Cheney must be prosecuted.  If no one at that level of power goes to jail, it will be the end of law in this country.


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