Neko Case: People Got A Lotta Nerve

Neko Case, one of the best singer-songwriters I know of and owner of the most amazing voice of probably any living musician, has a new album, Middle Cyclone, coming out soon.  Case is a strong advocate for humane treatment of animals, and she and her label, Anti-, are offering an mp3 of a song on the subject, “People Got A Lotta Nerve,” from Middle Cyclone as a free download.  For every blog that links to the download, Case and Anti- will donate $5 to the Best Friends Animal Society.

There’s also an extended profile of Case at the New York Times, which is a worthwhile read.

[Update: oops!  Apparently the promotion (despite being mentioned in the Times piece, which was published on February 13th) actually ended on February 3rd.  Should have read the Anti- blog post more carefully.  At any rate, the mp3 is still available.]

And if you’re not familiar with Case’s music, please allow me to humbly suggest you rectify this matter post-haste.


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