Quick Hit: Who Does That?

And by “that,” of course, I mean this:

I was at Saturday’s game, where we came back from 0-6 in the 4th with an RBI single and a grand slam, and ended up giving the Yankees a 16-11 drubbing, so I’m not too sad not to have seen the steal in person, but wow.  The look of “wuh?” on Pettitte’s face is priceless.



  1. I couldn’t believe this series! What a weekend. You got a lot of baseball for your ticket on Saturday. I kept feeling so happy that you were there watching it. Then to have this amazing entertainment on Sunday is truly one for the books.

    Don’t remember which game it was right now but when Tek hit the grand slam, I could have sworn the camera caught Giarardi clapping. It was a magic moment.

    Ellsbury, just because he is Navajo, I suspect, is just about my favorite player. I’m hoping to find a picture of Tito in the dugout with his arm around Jocoby’s neck — I just wonder what he was telling him (other than “don’t ever do that again.”

    Best baseball weekend ever!

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