The Nicest Thing Anyone's Ever Done For Me*

So, a little while ago there was this thread over at Shakesville, where standard mockery of a wingnut’s absurd hyperbole quickly devolved into a barrage of our own absurd hyperbole.  Note that “quickly” here means “by the second comment.”

In the course of the thread, Jen said,

No fair. Scott’s got his hyperbole shield on. It’s like he wants to destroy us all with snappy comebacks while remaining immune himself. SCOTT MADIN IS THE EBOLA VIRUS OF THE INTERNET.

To which I responded, as anyone would, “I want that on a plaque.”

Reader, I did not have to wait long!

Llencelyn obliged shortly thereafter:

Scott Madin: Ebola Virus of the Internet

Scott Madin: Ebola Virus of the Internet

And I thought that was really pretty awesome.

Last weekend, however (sorry, Llen!) it got pretty squarely beat.  The Brahmina came to my birthday party, and brought me a little something from Giant Microbes:

Plush Ebola Virus Tag

Plush Ebola Virus Tag

But this was no stock plush Ebola virus, oh no!  That, my friends, is not how the Brahmina rolls.

Behatted Ebola Virus

Behatted Ebola Virus

That’s right.  It’s wearing a suit, and tie, and glasses, and a gray fedora.

Thanks, Brahmina!

*Probably not actually true.



  1. It’s true, that’s not how I roll. I roll over the top or not at all.

    That… sounds a little weird when I type it out loud. At any rate, the amusement I got out of making it was worth the effort all by itself.

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