Bottling Day Pt. II

Got the “Dark Roast” Coffee Porter bottled — a big yield, 54 bottles, which I’m pleased about — and a friend came over to help, and brought a hydrometer, so I know the final gravity for this one: about 1.016, which is right around what I expected.  So with the standard assistance fee of a six-pack, I’ve got 100 bottles conditioning in the basement now: always a good thing.

Bottling Day Pt. I

The Grove St. Amber III is in bottles now — 52 bottles, which is a pretty good yield.  I meant to get started bottling yesterday, and get both the amber and the coffee porter done this weekend, but the porter will have to wait until tomorrow.  Also need to get labels printed up, but for now I’ve borrowed a friend’s method of just marking the caps with a Sharpie.  Although there’s something appealing about the idea of just not labeling any of them, and making it a game of chance.  Perhaps next time I bottle two batches in a row.

That’s all for now.  My hydrometer broke last weekend, so I wasn’t able to take a final gravity reading, but that’s not really terribly important.