Eight years

Fineness & Accuracy is eight years old today.


6 Years

Hey look, Fineness & Accuracy is six years old today! And I don’t really post here much anymore. We’ll see if that changes; sometimes things go in cycles, but sometimes they end.

Anyway, six years is a decent span of time. Thanks to everyone who’s read and/or linked my posts.

New Year

Happy 2012, everyone, and here’s to a good one. I managed a few posts I thought were pretty good, this year, and a lot more that I’d have liked to write about went unremarked for lack of time and/or concern I didn’t have anything new or useful to add. And unfortunately I continued to do nothing at all with I Am Not a Ninja, so I need to reconsider what I even want to do with that blog, this year.

In any case, I think today’s a day for laziness.


I see I’ve been getting a relatively high number of visitors lately, mostly from links to I Don’t Care if You’re Offended via Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Hello! I’m happy to see people reading, and I hope enjoying, my work.

If you look around, you may notice that my posting frequency has dropped significantly. I’m hoping to bring the rate back up somewhat in the coming year, but it’s anyone’s guess how well I’ll succeed at that. In any case, thank you for reading, and I’ll try to be worthy of continued attention.