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Neko Case: Middle Cyclone

Just a quick note.  I mentioned earlier that there’s a free mp3 download of a song from Neko Case’s upcoming album at her label’s site.  Turns out, you can also listen to the entire album streaming at NPR, until March 3rd (when it hits stores).  It’s as good as I expected, and I highly recommend you buy this album.

Neko Case: People Got A Lotta Nerve

Neko Case, one of the best singer-songwriters I know of and owner of the most amazing voice of probably any living musician, has a new album, Middle Cyclone, coming out soon.  Case is a strong advocate for humane treatment of animals, and she and her label, Anti-, are offering an mp3 of a song on the subject, “People Got A Lotta Nerve,” from Middle Cyclone as a free download.  For every blog that links to the download, Case and Anti- will donate $5 to the Best Friends Animal Society.

There’s also an extended profile of Case at the New York Times, which is a worthwhile read.

[Update: oops!  Apparently the promotion (despite being mentioned in the Times piece, which was published on February 13th) actually ended on February 3rd.  Should have read the Anti- blog post more carefully.  At any rate, the mp3 is still available.]

And if you’re not familiar with Case’s music, please allow me to humbly suggest you rectify this matter post-haste.