rachel kaprielian

Massachusetts State House: 29th Middlesex Special Election

The State Representative for my district, the 29th Middlesex, Rachel Kaprielian, was appointed recently to be the new Registrar of Motor Vehicles, and the Watertown Democratic Committee decided not to pick a successor, so a special sticker/write-in primary is being held this September.  Four candidates are running for the seat, and last Monday I attended a candidate forum sponsored by the Cambridge Ward 9 committee (also part of the 29th).

The candidates running for the seat are Steve Corbett, Julia Fahey, Jon Hecht and a late entrant, Josh Weisbuch. I don’t know very much about them yet but what’s on their websites — Hecht and Corbett are current town councillors, Fahey is a lawyer who specializes in labor rights and promises to leave her job to be a fulltime state rep, and Weisbuch was an intern under Erskine Bowles in the Clinton White House and runs a computer consulting business — and what they said at the forum, but it was good to meet them in person, and hear them articulate some positions.  I wish there had been more time for audience questions, and I wouldn’t necessarily mind fewer questions, with more time for answers, so the candidates could elaborate their stances.

As things stand now, it’s a tossup for me between Hecht and Fahey, with Weisbuch and Corbett close after, but it’s early yet, and I’d like to see more from all of them.  I certainly hope there’ll be more forums and/or debates; sco, how about one in Watertown?